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Sanchez and Welbeck Goals save Wenger’s Arse and all


Before we played Hull on Saturday I really expected a win but I came out of watching that game feeling grateful for the draw and wondering if this is what it has come to? Am I a fan of one of those clubs now where the fans go blindly into expecting wins every game and get disappointed when it doesn’t come…it’s starting to feel that way.

The only positive that I can glean from that game is the absolute talent Sanchez has running through his veins. He is a phenomenal player and he tirelessly gives his all in every game he has played so far, without him on Saturday we would have lost the game there is no doubt. One fantastic goal from him and he was also instrumental in setting up Welbeck’s goal which earned us the draw.It has to be noted that Welbeck also put in a good performance and he scores goals where Giroud would miss.

Other than that the game was a shambles, our errors and weaknesses were exposed once again and if it wasn’t for Hull’s tired defence we could have been left very embarrassed. The football we are playing right now is so lackadaisical and disorganised that there is no strength in any position. The defence is weak due to injuries leaving the rest of the team to cover and we struggle to attack as a result.

It’s obvious that injuries are to blame for a lot of this but when do we ever have a fully fit team anyway? Definitely not consistently in the past couple of years and it is being ill-prepared for these injuries which is causing the bad form.

Wenger’s reaction to this game was even worse, skirting around Oatley’s questions was embarrassing but it was of his own making, she didn’t ask anything out of the ordinary and for once it was refreshing to see someone put him on the spot and make him feel uncomfortable.

We are eleven points from the leaders Chelsea only 8 games into the season and seventh in the league, if we don’t start improving soon this could end up being one of the worst seasons we’ve had under Wenger.

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