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Sabotage? Arsenal Bottle It At Wembley

By Rachid Parchment

Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea

I’m just gonna be as direct as possible right now as I’m not in a long blog mood.

1. With us being 7 points ahead of Aston Villa at the start of the day, Villa not having a win in 10 games, us looking secure in 4th at the moment, what reason did we have to rotate today…of all days?! We’ve got Liverpool coming up on Tuesday and even if we lost we would still have been firmly infront of Villa and Everton. Why did Wenger choose to rotate today and not on Tuesday? Is he just that stupid or did he deliberately do it to fuck the fans over? It’s got to be one of the two. He of all persons should know what the FA Cup means to Arsenal fans around the world.

2. Given the crisis that’s befallen our defence over the last few days, why the fuck would you play a 4 5 1 formation when you’re trying to keep the defence as inactive as you can so you put less pressure on inexperienced players such as Gibbs and Fabianski? Not just that but why play Abou Diaby and have Arshavin and Nasri on the bench? Some may say Arshavin would’ve been found out by Hiddink but did you notice how quickly he threw him on when shit started hitting the fan in the 2nd half? As for Nasri being benched, again I direct you to point 1.

Abou Diaby was fucking rubbish, plain and simple. Cesc was used in a deep role and Diaby was played behind Adebayor and all he did was flop around providing no forward passes for Adebayor to get unto. Everytime he had the ball he played it either laterally or behind him. As such Adebayor had little to do, same to be said for Petr Cech in the Chelsea goal. It caused us to be camped out in our half more and put more pressure on our defence.

Fabianski’s come in for a lot of vitriol and this is my take on it. With regards to the first goal, yeah sure he should’ve done better at the near post but Eboue’s more at fault for the goal. It seemed there was an S&M game between Malouda and Eboue, Malouda being the dominator and Eboue being the bitch. Eboue did nothing all day to stop Malouda from going to goal and everytime he was beaten by him he raised his hand appealing for offside.

As for the second goal, I don’t blame Fabianski for coming out. Silvestre offered him no protection. He just fucking slowed down and let Drogba run by him unchallenged. Fabianski had no choice but to come off his line and try to cut his angle down. Maybe he came off a bit too early but in theory he did the right thing. For those that disagree, let me ask you this. What if he had stayed on his line? Wouldn’t he just be giving Drogba 8 yards of goal to choose to shoot at? Whether he wants to shoot to the near or far post? How would he possibly stop him then if he didn’t come out to cut the angle off? Furthermore where’s the fucking leadership from Silvestre? Is this how you protect the younger, less experienced members of the team?

Fuck it I’m too pissed…

Before I go, I have one more thing to say….how dare Wenger even attempt to blame the fucking pitch when he picked such a lousy squad?!

Your thoughts please….

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