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Ronnie "The Gooner" Biggs is freed from prison

The GREAT train robber and lifelong Arsenal fan Ronnie Biggs was tonight freed from his prison sentence after he was granted a “compassionate release”.

Biggs, who turns 80 this weekend, is severely ill in hospital with pneumonia and doctors have said there is “not much hope”.

Biggs, from Lambeth, South London, was a member of a 15-strong gang which attacked the Glasgow to London mail train at Ledburn, Bucks, in August 1963, and made off with £2.6million in used banknotes.

He was given a 30-year sentence but after 15 months he escaped from Wandsworth prison in South West London by climbing a 30ft wall and fleeing in a furniture van.

Biggs was on the run for more than 30 years, living in Australia and Brazil before returning to the UK voluntarily in 2001 in search of medical treatment.

He was locked up in Belmarsh high-security prison on his return before being moved to a specialist medical unit at Norwich prison.

What a crazy world we live in? You have got rapists and killers who do a few years in prison and they are back out on the street after a few years and yet Ronnie has been locked up almost till his dieing day for a train robber?, Enjoy your taste of freedom Ronnie.

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