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[Ratings] Dear Wenger..Take your “best squad I’ve ever had” & shove it


Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool

Only Arsenal could take the lead in the 98min of added time and still not win the game.

Arsenal played with no heart again Fabregas was lazy and played like he didn’t care.

Its safe to say we have a fight to stay in 2nd place now, we just cant seem to win at game at home anymore?.. No way we are going to win the league, but do you really think they players thought we could?

Were is the mental strength that Wenger keeps talking about?.. The 4-4 draw with Newcastle was bad but this was just a joke. We score a goal late on and then panic, first Clichy then Song fail to clear and then Eboue gifts a pen when all he had to do was allow the ball to run out of play.

You cant make it up at Arsenal anymore.

We cant seen to score from open play, we dont even test the keeper and have shots on target anymore? And then we we look at the manager to change the tactics he brings on a target man and plays him as a winger?… Clueless

And what was Wenger moaning about at the end? It was a stonewall penalty!

I now feel sorry for Eboue as he will now be blamed for our whole season falling apart. We always look for a scapgoat at Arsenal and blame a player. Senderos etc… When will people see that the problem is that our manager cant motivate the players and that this current bunch of players have the mental strength and winning mentality of a stick insect.

Recently we have failed to beat the likes of WBA,Sunderland &  Blackburn and now a Liverpool side with the likes of “flanagan,robinson,kyrgiakos,lucas,spearing,shelvy”  The most average Liverpool team ive seen for 30 years.

We will never win anything under Wenger again. its a sad fact. Stop being in denial if you cant see that the man has lost the plot. “This is the best squad Ive ever had”… Shove it Arsene

Szczesny 7.5 [ Didnt put a foot wrong, was good to see the young man back in goal. Went the right way with the pen and was unlucky not to save it] : MOTM
Eboue 4.0 [What can i say about the man?.. He played so well up until giving away the pen. Was pushing forward and looked very dangerous but then he gifts a pen away when he didnt need to do anything. The player was running away from goal so why touch him?..Sorry I love Eboue but he is nothing more then a clown]

Koscielny 7.5 [Played well and was unlucky not to score in the first half with a fine header]

Djourou 6.0 [ Decent game up until the last few moments. Gave away the free kick on the edge of the box that lead to the pen. Seems to panic when the going gets tough]

Clichy 7.0  [Played well, his crossing has improved and is started to look like the world class LB that we all know he is]

Diaby 6.5 [ Did ok, a few powerful runs but nothing of mayor note]

Wilshere 5.5 [ Not his best game. gave the ball away to much and looked weak]

Walcott 5.5 [ Couldnt get pass the 17 year old left back, Had a decent long rang effort in the first half but other then that his final ball was very poor]

Fabregas 5.0 [ Didnt look up for it, walked around as if he didnt give a toss. And this is our captain?. Sums us up]

Nasri 6.5 [Not his best game but still dangeros on the ball]

Van Persie 7.0 [No support AGAIN, scored the pen and then took his shirt off and was booked?… WHY?.. Needs to play in a 4/4/2]


Nic, N/A [a target man who is great in the air gets asked to play as a winger? Somebody pls tell me why?]

Arshavin, N/A [has always played well vs Liverpool and didnt start?.. When he got on he played well]

Song. N/A [Just like so many, played well until the panic at the end. really should of done better when clearing the ball]

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