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[Ratings] Arrogant Wenger to blame for disgraceful show

Arsenal   2 – 3   West Brom

  • Nasri 75
  • Nasri 90+1
  • Odemwingie 50
  • Jara 52
  • Thomas 73

This week Arsenal told the world that the club has made a record profit yet again — £56million

And our accountant “sorry” manager said “I can’t believe people criticise me for making profit for Arsenal

Well, Mr Wenger the reason why people criticise you is because you are too stubborn to see that players like Almunia, Eboue, Song and Diaby are NOT good enough!!!

EVERYBODY in world football knew that a goalkeeper was a must for Arsenal this summer if we wanted to win the league, but know you made a crazy £2m bid for a 38 year old keeper.

Wenger only seems to care about making money for money’s sake. Why dont you Spend it FFS Wenger?

I said at the end of last season that we needed a New keeper, A powerful CB and a quality midfield dominator. But what did we do this summer? Trimmed the squad right down and losing more players then we signed, balanced the books “as wenger” always seems to do.

So today’s game, I’m struggling to think who pissed me off more.Almunia, Diaby, Eboue ,Song or Wenger…IT WAS A BLOODY CIRCUS!

Today was just awful. Poor passing, Poor crossing, Poor defending, Poor keeper. Wenger got everything wrong, from his starting 11 & tactically.

Alex Song’s job is to sit just in front of the back 4 and protect them. Instead he surges forward thinking he is Cesc and leaves us open to the counter attack. Do your f**king job man.

Koscielny our £8.5m CB was just clueless!!!

Eboue is a very good RB, HE IS NOT A WINGER!! Why is Wenger playing him on the wings in a 4-5-1?

Arshavin again was poor!

And as for Almunia? You can see why the young Keeper Szczesny is so frustrated that Wenger thinks that this clown and Fabianski are “WORLD CLASS” as mistake after mistake!


Almunia 3/10 ( I never wanna see this Muppet play for us again )
3/10 ( Still cant cross a ball, But apparently a very good defender? Roasted by Thomas )
4/10 ( We paid £8.5m for this? )
5/10 ( Looked slow )
6/10 ( Tried to get forward and make something happen )
4/10 ( Please Wenger stop playing him as a winger )
4/10 ( Looked off the pace, With Diaby he is fantastic 1 week and crap for the next 5 weeks )
8/10 ( Fantastic, MOTM, The only player who really looked up for it  )
3/10 ( A headless chicken, Clumsy, wasteful, Slow )
4/10 ( Looks like a player that doesn’t want to be at the club )
6/10 ( Up top on his own with no support, needs to play in a 4/4/2 )

So it looks like we will be fighting it out for 4th again this season? Won nothing since 2005,   But who cares, we make a profit… Right Mr Wenger?

By Sinbad

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