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Protest is needed! It’s time for Wenger to go.

Arsene down and out

Some might say it’s long overdue, and Arsene should of gone years ago. Some say he should of gone at the top and walked after winning the FA Cup this summer. One thing thats for sure is that Arsenal fans are divided right now and from what I can see on social media its now finally time for Arsene Wenger to walk away from Arsenal Football Club.

Me personally I’ve been saying this for years. Some might want to blame the board or other elements but the fundamental facts are that Arsene always seems to leave us short in some area’s going into the start of a season. If you recall a few season ago we needed a DM, then it was a CB, and then a GK…and last season we all needed a striker. Well he did it again this season in not signing a CB before the close of the transfer window. Allowing Thomas Vermaelen to leave without replacing him and also young back up defender Ignasi Miguel. Now we are certainly paying for this with mistakes each week coming from Monreal who bless him is not a CB and should not be exposed and totally blamed for this.

It’s shocking also to me that Wenger doesn’t seem to trust ANY young defender at the club and is willing to keep using Monreal as a CB.

What is also worrying is that Chambers isn’t being used at CB? We have a top talent at RB in Hector Bellerin. Why hasn’t Wenger given Bellerin more playing time at RB and moved Chambers to CB? Cant he see that Monreal is struggling? Why?

So tactics all wrong. Team selection all wrong. Not signing a CB costing us points. Losing a 3-0 lead at home to 1 of the weakest teams in our group and also losing a 1-0 lead away to Swansea… And this is only within the last few week.

Wenger doesn’t have the eye anymore to see whats going on… Ramsey and Cazorla have been shocking for weeks. But he wont drop them and give Rosicky or Campbell/ Podolski a start? Why?
Let’s not forget that Joel Campbell hasn’t been used despite waiting years for a work permit and impressing on loan and at the World Cup?

You can’t point the finger at anybody else for them judgement calls.. Wenger has had the benefit of the doubt for many years. Fans saying its the board, money hasn’t been made available and fans blaming our “bad luck” with injuries and refereeing mistakes for years. This has to stop-NOBODY is to blame for this current shower of shite other then Arsene Wenger and it’s about time he was held accountable for his mistakes (tactics, team selection and signings)

But what will our board do? Nothing as long as we keep reaching fourth and the pound notes keep coming in they are happy. Wenger would continue to say that fourth place is like winning a trophy when in reality we are only in the Champions League to make up the numbers and cash the pay cheque.
The Wenger lovers will say “but hey, there isn’t anybody around who could do a better job than Arsene” What utter rubbish, look at the job Koeman has done this season selling his best players and replacing them on the cheap. I honestly think that if you offered Klopp or Simone the Arsenal job on Wenger’s current £8m a year salary they would jump at the chance.

Wenger wont walk out on this nice little easy number and lets face it the board are spineless and happy to see the money coming in. The ONLY way things will change is with the fans protesting to finally remove Arsene.

NO more pointing the finger at others and making up excuses, we need a fresh start… Get Arsene OUT!!

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