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Podolski’s left foot saves Arsenal’s blushes in Belgium


After another game where we fought to the bitter end and relied on one player to do everyone’s job throughout one has to wonder how many more games like this are Arsenal fans going to endure.

Let’s not beat around the bush that performance last night was shocking and probably one of the worst games I have seen us play in the Champion’s League. Anderlecht are one of those opponents that injuries or not we should have beaten quite comfortably or at least not struggled so much.

The only positives from last nights game was the win and the performance of a couple of individuals such as Wilshere and Sanchez other than that the whole thing was a farce.

Despite how we played a win is a win but it should not have been celebrated in such a fine way because it was not good enough. Sanchez walking off the pitch at the end of the game with his head in his hands summed up the feeling entirely, you can’t praise what isn’t great. He must be so fed up with being one of the few people players that gives their all in every single game whilst the rest lazily let him.

The defence were dreadful, even the normal sturdy and solid Mertesacker seems out of form and Monreal is so reminiscent of Squillaci that he gets worse with every game. This is the worst defence we have in history and last night I found myself wishing Bould would sub himself on at some point.

In terms of heroes we don’t have many at the moment but Podolski was our hero last night when he scored that winner. Why Wenger doesn’t play him more is nonsensical and when you see what he does with that left foot it honestly makes you wonder why someone who is ever the professional doesn’t get included more often.

Another struggling game for the Gunners and fans are losing patience with the bad football….

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