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[Photos] What on earth is going on with Cesc's eyebrows?

I know it is a silly thing to pick up whilst all this stuff is going on, but i just couldn’t help but notice the change in Cesc’s eyebrows recently…

WHAT ON EARTH has cesc done?, is he playing supermodel or somehing? He just needs blusher and lipstick and he would look a right madam.

I am sorry but i just couldn’t help but laugh when i saw his recent photo!!

Old eyebrows…

New eyebrows…

Debate this more on our forum ( HERE )

And if you are thinking about getting YOUR eyebrows done like Cesc…See this

In the era of the metrosexual male, for a guy to be well groomed is next to godliness. However, beware of eyebrows that are too well shaped. Learn how to get the perfect eyebrows– (not too shaped, but not too hairy), where to go and the different techniques to get rid of unwanted brow hair.


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