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Photo – Did Van Persie have dinner with a Man City delegate last night?

Last night Robin Van Pesie posted this photo on his Twitter saying “Dinner with great company! #Sushi

So who are the two gents in the photo with Robin…The guy on the left is agent Kees Vos, but who is the guy in the middle?

Well last night on twitter our friends at goonersworld noticed that the man in the middle is possibley a Man City delegate who was at the game last Sunday. Photo below Another possibly photo of the man in the middle?

So… Is this the same geezer?…If so Why is our captain having dinner with a Man City delegate? Did Robin post this photo and think that no-one would recognise him. Or is this not the same guy?

Mmmmmmmm…. Looks like the same bloke to me.

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