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Losing to Wigan was the best thing that could happen to Arsenal.

This might sound like complete madness but in a way the best thing that could of happened to Arsenal was losing the way we did this weekend.


Well lets face it, we were never going to win the league anyway, and now after watching that shower of shite vs Wigan I feel that its now finally hit home to Wenger that this squad is not good enough.

Losing in the manner we did,  for me was the final straw. It showed that we need a complete overhaul of players in the summer. The spine of the team needs to be reinforced from our goalkeeper to centre back to a ball winner in midfield to the striker. We need 4/5 new signings this summer.

I think that if we would have won this weekend and finished 3rd, alot of fans and maybe even Wenger would have seen that as a success. But lets be honest, We blew a great chance this season to win the league. This season was a one off, I cant see Chelsea and Man Utd losing as many games next season. This season was our chance and to have come so close and to be given so many chances to win the league to lose it in the manner we did was just a joke.

So for me losing the way we did has made it clear to Wenger, the board and the fans who many for the first time are doubting Wenger, and now for the first time as Arsenal manager he has pressure to deliver.

But I would go even deeper then signing 4/5 players.

I would allow the deadwood of players like Eduardo,Denilson,Eboue,Almunia, Silvestre to leave.

I would also dump this 4/3/3 or 4/5/1 system that Wenger has used this season and bring back 2 strikers.

But most of all, If Wenger is going to stay on we need to change the backroom staff. Something clearly is not right at Arsenal. How many injuries did we pick up this season? This must have something to do with training, warming up and down, or the diet.

I think its now time that Wenger bought in a new number 2, and for me the perfect man would be Martin Keown. Pat Rice has done a great job over the years but I feel we just need to freshen things up as its gotten stale in recent years.

So for me its simple. Bring in a new GK, CB, CM and a CF – lose the deadwood and go back to 4-4-2 and bring in Martin Keown and then we might have a great chance of getting back to the winning ways.

lets face it, with nothing to show since 2005, Something needs to change.

Jason Goldstein [ proud member of Arsenal Action ]

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