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Lorik Cana signs for Sunderland for £5m. Wenger is a mug!

Can somebody please tell me why we didn’t make a move for this hard nut? This is just what we need FFS?

Right type of player, Right age and at the right price…What more did Wenger want?

No doubt in a few weeks wenger will come out and say he told Steve Bruce to sign him.

We need this type of player at Arsenal

How many times have we gone to places like Hull, Bolton, Stoke and got kicked off the park..We needed this type of player next to Cesc.

Wenger is a mug.

What the hell is he doing in this transfer window? Why SELL Adebayor for £25m and then bank the money? What is taking us so long in signing players.

This is a joke..I am telling you know that Arsenal can forget finishing in the top FIVE next season.

My Advice is ENJOY the champions league football next season and enjoy Cesc playing for Arsenal. Because we wont see them days again…

Every summer we have to put up with this bollocks. Wenger toys with us and says one thing and then lets us down. Im sick of this.

Well dont say i didnt warn you,  come the end of the season and we have finished the season 5th or worst and empty handed AGAIN. Cesc will leave..Cant say i blame him and we will have to put up with more crap from the “Wenger knows” crew who will say the same things.. “KEEP THE FAITH” Well sorry i lost the faith a long time ago. We have not won anything since 2005 and you muppets still think that this manager we have will come good. Cant you see that this manager we have cares about only about ONE thing..Its not winning titles or cups..its PROFIT and making money for the club.. If anything he should have been an accountant and not a football manager.

To hell with this… Im off to get drunk

Just look what we missed..


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