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Leicester City v Arsenal Match report


Arsenal slipped back into their comfortable fourth place in the league last night after a 2-1 victory against Leicester following goals from Koscielny and Walcott.

With the exiting trio that the fans have been waiting a long time to see, Walcott, Sanchez and Ozil started the game  and the expectation was high amongst the Gooners. Whilst we didn’t struggle the game wasn’t exactly set alight either. Leicester started the game in much better form than we did and for most of the game they made it very hard for us to win.

But at the end of the game it is the goals that count and luckily our experience proved fruitful and we were able to win the game despite not being the better side.

Leicester’s Mahrez caused some problems early on and tested Ospina’s ability in the first half with an early attempt at goal which went wide as a result of deflection and missed another shot just minutes later.

Fifteen minutes into the game and finally the Gunners picked up the pace and got stuck into the game.

Koscielny headed home the first goal in the 27th minute putting the Gunners in the lead after a Sanchez corner.

Ozil almost scored on the halt time mark with a cracking 25yard shot that Schwarzer palmed off into the feet of Theo Walcott who scored from the 10 yard mark.

The second half saw Arsenal start in much better form and within minutes there should have been a penalty Arsenal’s way after a handball incident. Rosicky just moments later sent one of his traditional volleys wide.

Leicester managed to claw back a goal as Cambiasso set up a pass for Kramaric who shot it past Ospina. They also nearly equalized on the 61st minute but Kramaric put the ball right into Ospina’s arms.

Not the best game of football to watch and we still need to dramatically improve on our tactical set up against different teams but sometimes it’s about winning even when you are playing bad.

Man of the match: Leicester’s Riyad Mahrez

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