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Kroenke, Gazidis & Wenger OUT! Save us Mr Usmanov

Another transfer summer, the same old rubbish. Lies and profit by Arsene and the board with the fans feed more spin about how this bunch of players are good enough to win the title.

Sad fact is that nothing has changed, and this season will be another frustration waste of a season and a battle for 4th place.

Wenger and the board have sold our best player to a direct rival and not replaced them, WHY?. Its no wonder the players don’t believe they can win trophies at Arsenal anymore.

Gazidis talks about Arsenal having a “self-sustaining policy”. It’s more of a policy to sell off our assists without investing the cash back in. yet again we have seen Arsenal make a healthy profit for the board.

Maybe Gazidis is right, Man City and Chelsea are jealous of us and the way we run the club, but the fans are sick of the lies, the bullshit and the continuing policy to sell and make money rather then show some ambition and spend on much needed players.

Van Persie. Song. Vela. Ozyakup. Bartley. Lansbury.Botelho. all sold.

Denilson, Bendtner, Park, Miyaichi, Campbell, Afobe, Wellington  all loaned out.. In total we have seen 18 players leave and only 3 arrive. Arsenal have signed the lowest amount of new players then any other EPL club. And we look down the road at the lane and see the spurs sign Sigurdson, Vertonghen, Dembele, Lloris, Adebayor. Yes they sold Modric and VDV but ALL of the money was re-invested back in on players.

Who is our defensive CM and the man to replace Alex Song?

Lets say Giroud gets injured are we going to rely on Chamakh to score the goals?

How many times is Arsene going to tell us that “when the players return from injury, they will be like new signings”

What is the point of Stan Kroenke and Gazidis? What have they done for the club since arriving? Nothing positive. Every summer we see the same thing. Our best 2 players sold off, the manager speaks a load of woofle about how he will bring in top top special players, the fans dream of big names and then we are left disappointed.

And for the fans that say “its the board and not Wenger” Please ask yourself this. If Wenger had NO POWER and the board sold his star players and banked the money without his say so… Why would he stay and accept that? Why would he? What type of man would watch this happen and not stand up and resign?… Wenger has full control and knows whats going on and he agrees to ALL the transfers. For me Wenger stopped giving a toss about winning things years ago and he is now a bank manager keeping the board happy, thinking about his future job on the board. Wenger has to take some of the blame and we cant just say its the board anymore.

How much longer can we put up with this? For me last night was the final straw..I want change at Arsenal.

Its now time for Mr Usmanov to step in and save us from what we have become.

Arsenal FC = Arsenal Financial Corporation. Barely a football club anymore

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