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It really doesn’t matter who our GK is.Defending is our problem.

People pointing the finger at our keepers and rightly so. I agree that both Almunia & Fabianski are not good enough to be our number one.

But it doesn’t matter who our GK is, the problem is defending and until we work on this in training and get our defenders working as a unit we are going to conceded simple goals.

Look how many times we have conceded goals from crosses or set plays? Why is our keeper coming and flapping for balls? Well its because our CBs cant deal with them and head them away so the keeper has to do something. This weekend Clichy cleared off the line from a head and Almunia came and flapped x2 with balls into the box. Same old problems!

You cant blame all this on the GK! Our problems are much more deep then that.

If you look at our famous back 4 they were a unit, they knew each other and trusted each other. How many times over the years do you see Arsenal win 1-0 hang onto the lead under fire in the final 10mins with players like Adams putting his body in the way to save the team. Our offside trap was perfect and world famous and behind the back 4 we had a solid keeper with was the insurance if they did make a mistake.

The problem with us now is that we have a weak defence and weak keepers. And when put under pressure they don’t have that strength to hang on and win. Highlighted last season vs Wigan, Blackburn and Birmingham.

We don’t have that monster CB at the club anymore, the likes of Keown or Adams. Other teams do.

Terry,Vidic, Skrtel, Gary Cahill etc…. Yes they might not be the best ball playing CBs but they would do what Adams and co use to and put there heads in were it hurts and take one for the team.

I really don’t know what Pat Rice is teaching our CBs in training? No doubt its 2hrs of 5 aside and keep ball rather then working at attacking the ball and working as a unit. This is why I had hoped that Wenger would have brought in a new number 2 into the club this summer. I have no doubt that if Martin Kewon was at the club in a coaching job he would have our back 4 working much more better.

But then again how can you get the defence working as a unit when you only have 3 CBs at the club and are still waiting for a new GK?

So you see the GK issue is a problem but its not the answer to us going back to the days of having a strong defence. We need real defenders and they need to work as a unit in training.

Even if we had Gigi Buffon as the Arsenal Keeper we would still let in simple goals, its time to get back the old school way of defending.


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