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It Is Too Early For Negativity

It has been a very frustrating few weeks following the Fa Cup triumph, many rumours have come and gone and as rivals get on with their business nothing much has really happened at the Emirates. Well that is the view from the outside anyway. Arsenal have always been a very closed club whenever conducting business has been on the agenda and only time will tell if this quoted £100 Million is going to be re-investing in the squad or it is just going to sit there like a acne on a fourteen year old.

Arsene Wenger agreed a three year deal not so long ago and with that came many rumours with the likes of Loic Remy, Angel Di Maria, Karim Benzema, Antoine Griezmann, Carlos Vela and the return of Cesc Fabregas (which now appears was never on the cards). I would surmise that most of these rumours were pure guess work as the majority of these names are ones that are generally thrown around every summer when the topic of ” but who will Arsenal buy” comes up.

In the last 48 hours we have seen Bacary Sagna confirm his move to rivals Manchester City for a staggering £150,000 a week which in my opinion is bordering on the insane, also former captain Cesc Fabregas opted for a move to Chelsea after being turned down by Arsene Wenger this left very few opportunities for Cesc who literally had Chelsea or Manchester Utd. Before any fans start labeling him a “traitor” lets look at the bigger picture. Fabregas was told by new Barcelona boss Luis Enrique that he was no longer wanted he was offered to us for £30 million we turned it down apparently this is not the first time. Only two Premier League clubs were interested Chelsea and Manchester United, in reality that only leaves one choice. Chelsea were always going to win the race with the added incentive of Champions League football, the little Spaniard was left in an impossible situation.

As many have said, as a fan I would have loved to welcome back Fabregas who wouldn’t. However, what is done is done and now it is time to forget and move on.

Wenger is currently working for French TV at the World Cup which for me is a prime location to look at some real World Cup talent, for some this appears to be an excuse to lambaste him just weeks into the Transfer window is very premature. Some fans need to realise how we work as a club, yes Wenger does have the final say on players but there are people we call scouts that do all the leg work. Wenger would have identified players already I am sure and like many clubs our scouts will be trawling through games and reporting back their findings.

Yes this has been a frustrating start to the Summer but we should not get ahead of ourselves it is only 14th June. To write off a manager that has once again given us Champions League football and added a long awaited trophy being negative is really not going to help the cause. Last season I was one of Wenger’s biggest critics but the fact is he has three more years, he has no more excuses it is up to him to deliver and I firmly believe if he didn’t think he could he would have walked which is something I personally he was close to doing.

It is way too early to tell exactly what awaits next season but things will become more clear in August before then it is any guess.


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