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Is it safe to say our title challenge is over?

is it safe to say our title challenge is over before it begun?

Even at this early stage I can’t see us clawing 9 points back on this chelsea side.

I can see them losing max 2 all season. In our last two games we have managed to lose games we were in complete control of. Once is unlucky, twice and something is seriuosly wrong.

We have now lost 2 games out of 4, We are out of the title race after 4 games

Some stats and comments from Stevedon

Premier League Champions over the last 8 seasons, here are the facts. Average number of wins was 27 (lowest 25 & highest 29). Average number of losses was 4 (lowest nil & highest 5). Average point was 89; most common was 87 (twice).

If this is an average season then the Champions will score 89 points. There are 4 ways to get 89 points (see below) including one scenario where there are 7 losses (29, 2, 7). So saying the season is already over based on the results is clearly wrong.

However, if you look at the relative strengths of the top teams you would not be predicting Arsenal to win at this stage. I don’t think we will win but it isn’t because of results so far, it’s because of a lack of experience & quality in our squad, lack of leadership and playing people in the wrong positions.

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