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I'm not the only one who's pissed off… + A general look at the squad

This is interesting news… And a bit of a slap in the face for all those talking about “real fans, who go to real games would not spend their time protesting on a website”. Well,  each to their own and if this is true, then respect to the fans who are making a stand. It’s not just the bloggers and website runners who are pissed off. It’s the fans who pay money to support the club and even legends like Lee Dixon. It is our club, we fund it so we should be able to protest if we don’t like the way it’s run. Arsenal F.C and Wenger are massively out of touch with the fans and at the moment, it seems like only Ivan Gazidis who is making the remotest effort to rectify the situation. It’s why I was not against the boo-ing of Eboue. In reality, no one reads the forums and websites and pays much attention to them. So the only way to get our voices heard is by  making a statement at games and Arsenal F.C make this very difficult as it is.

It’s obvious to all that our #1 spot is not occupied by a player who can help us attain success. Obviously though, we have to give Wenger a chance to make the signing. I’m hopeful that he will. But I also fear that he’s playing the fans like he has in previous seasons. I’ve heard the same stuff every season. “I’m going to give Wenger one more season”, “We’ve been unlucky with injuries”, “We have a young squad who are developing”, “The funds are there to spend if he wants it”, “We were unlucky with injuries”, “We’re only one or two signings short”, “We pass the ball too much”, “We need to toughen up”, “We need a plan B”. All of those are situations that happen to us constantly yet nothing seems to be done. It’s no coincidence that it happens again and again and again. We seem to be a club of many words but no actions. A good goalkeeper would have won us the league this season. We simply cannot go into the new season with our current options or we may as well give 4th place to the spuds.

With the likelihood that our defence next season will consist of “Vermaelen, New player, Campbell, Djourou and Bartley/Nordtveidt”, a good goalkeeper is a must. Depending on if Campbell can keep up performances and the new player we bring does suit Vermaelen, that’s a potentially very good defence – though perhaps, slightly injury prone. I don’t see Wenger buying more than one center back so let’s hope Bartley can come good. In fact, let’s not hope. Spunk out a couple of extra million pounds on another back up defender. Let’s face it… Campbell can only keep up his form for so long.

Let’s say we only have 35 millions to spend – which I believe to be BS by the way, we have more than that – 15 million on a centerback, 12 million on a goalkeeper and a couple of million on a back up defensive midfielder – perhaps raise some funds by flogging off Denilson, Fabianski and Traore. Do that Arsene and we’re looking at a decent squad. I beg you. I once idolised you, please give me that feeling back.

Once we have a fit Ramsey back – though, sadly, I have my doubts about that – the only weak spot in that squad is Theo Walcott, who I’m hopeful will come good. Anyone else think that Wenger plans on playing Chamakh on the right wing? I wouldn’t be against it…. We don’t have the quality of the Chelsea team, but I’m hoping that the pensioners over there all suffer a Gilberto-like season and Rooney can only come good for United for so long. Vidic is off for them and Ferdinand is shit. Our squad has been together the longest and with some good management (phhh…), they can potentially scrap the league next season. Tottenham had a period of golden form this season, shouldn’t happen next season. Man City seem to be our biggest rivals to be honest and even they look likely to have a squad overhaul. The likes of Villa took advantage of what was a freak season this season, it won’t happen next season. Which is something we should pay attention to as well. The league will not be as open next season. Let’s make sure we comfortably earn our position next season, rather than over achieve.

Please Wenger, spend the money you claim to have. It’s all we ask.  Listen to the advise of the people around you. If he doesn’t listen, well, there’s no hope for him.

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The Fabster

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