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I'm not a plastic, you are!

Well… Maybe you’re not.

But I can tell you one thing neither I, nor any of the other writers on this blog are plastics. I can admit that Sinbad, maybe, at times gets a little over emotional and not rational enough.

Having said that, we also give credit where credit is due. Maybe we don’t post something on here after EVERY victory but we are under no obligations to.

But for people to label him a bad fan and a plastic because he’s passionate and doesn’t like the way that Arsene is running the club is a disgrace. Telling people what to do takes away their freedom to have an opinion and that does not only make you a bad fan but a bad person.

He has supported Arsenal f or years, through good and bad, how is he a plastic? I have supported Arsenal since I was 6 years old, am I plastic? I don’t like the way that Arsene is taking the club that I have contributed towards by buying their merchandise and Premier League TV programmes as well as going to matches on the, admittedly few, occasions that it has been possible.

Football fans love their clubs and will show their support at all times. Most of the times, they do not expect to get anything back. But when we have a manager who lies to us and has taken us from unbeatable to a 5 year barren streak, there comes a point where enough is enough. People make it seem that 5 years without a trophy is nothing. The olden Arsenal teams went 20 years without winning a trophy I hear… So? You say it like it was a good thing. How many of those managers lasted 6 years?

We won the double with Bertie Mee in ’71. He left us in ’76. Don Howe was given three years to win something with us, he didn’t and was sacked. Arsenal went through two managers in between a 8 year barren streak. Wenger has gone through more than half of that and is not even under the slightest pressure from the board. We won the league cup with Graham and that was a catalyst which resulted in us winning the league. But Wenger doesn’t care about the league cup because he doesn’t care about the fans. Admit it, most of you would love a trip to Wembley and to be able to win a trophy. This lot have won nothing. Spurs have been to Wembley more times than us – recently – whilst in the last few years Portsmouth have had more prestige than us. Unlike others,  I refuse to let the man have his way with my club. But because of this, I am a bad fan.

Fans have rights and we have a right to excersise them. Because we don’t like Wenger, we are “Anti-Arsenal” and are not “good supporters”. WHY THE F##K IS THAT? I have never, in my life, claimed to support Arsene Wenger. I am a staunch Arsenal supporter who has gotten a whif of success, enjoys it and does not want to let it go. Support the Chav say you? Why? That would make me a glory supporter. Striving for success makes me human. Apparently this makes me a “plastic”,  ironically enough it’s likely that it is plastic supporters from the Wenger era who are saying this to me. Show me a footballing rule book that says we should support the manager to support the club? Even though we disagree with the direction he has taken us? Who made that rule up?

On a lighter note, I do believe that we at Arsenal have some of the best supporters in the world. But I urge you, look towards the betterment of the club. Wenger has helped lay the model but take nothing away from the directors who implemented it. Don’t let Wenger fool you into thinking we have no money. He himself was recently boasting about having 30 million to spend.


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