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How would you feel about a Arsenal & Spurs Groundshare?

Today the government rejected Everton’s plans to move the club into a new 50,000-seat stadium in Kirkby.

Everton chief executive, Robert Elstone, today suggested that Everton would welcome a shared stadium with local rivals Liverpool.

Why not, It works for AC and Inter Milan….

From a financial standpoint, Liverpool and Everton would both benefit from a new shared stadium.

And the city of Liverpool would have a super 90.000 stadium on par with Wembley.

But what about the fans?

I started to think about this today, What if Spurs, who are looking to have a stadium revamp were to come to the Emirates and pay off some of our debt? How would i feel about sharing a ground with the people I hate?

Well, Football is no long about the fans, its about making money so I feel the members of the board would jump at the chance. But from a fans point of you I would just hate it. Its almost like asking me  if I would share my wife… I cant think of anything worst as a football fan then to have no home that you can call your own.

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