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£30m to spend but yet Wenger would rather keep this pile of sh#t out on the pitch today?


It is true, convert one of the early chances and have a semi competent keeper to prevent Nani’s bit of luck and it could have been a different outcome. But…

How can Wenger say he has 30m to spend and put that pile of shit out on the pitch today? Add insult to f##king injury.

How can Wenger have watched Eduardo, Theo and Almunia – over the years, not just today – and say that we don’t need anyone? That the squad can’t be strengthened? You only have that luxury if you are top of the league. He has watched that clown (Almunia) play for years and has not bought ANYONE to replace him.

How can he watch Bendtner and decide NOT to sign a striker AFTER he promised us one? Rooney has power, pace and finishing ability. Name me one player in our squad, Cesc apart, who has that?

How can he say that he enquired for a player and then just turned away when the club said no. I got news for you, Spurs said no to United when they came in for Berbatov and Carrick…

It’s not his club, it’s our club. Wenger wants to play with his little project but the fans want success. Do we have no say? Do we not fund the club? Wenger and the board are as bad as Glazer and the Scouse-Americans. They’re just more clever in making their money.

How can he not see it? The whole f##king world sees it. If you want to develop players for the future, ship them out on loan.

It’s quite simple really:

1- Sign a new keeper

2- Never play Denilson again

3- Sign a striker

4- If you’re going to give Sagna that much creative freedom and license to attack, play Eboue.

I could manage this lot better than him.

As a fan, there is NOTHING that I look forward to more than our games against United. They are the highlight of my year. After being robbed of one and then thoroughly out classed, I’m not sure what to say. I am frustrated but in complete shock. This cannot be Arsenal, the team that went unbeaten only 5 years ago.

The team have no excuse. Wenger has no excuse. This is a horrific defeat that never should have happened. It will cause more mental damage than statistical. This is our season f##ked.

The Fabster

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