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Written by a frustrated gooner.

Since 2005 Arsenal haven’t won a single trophy. the first 3 or 4 years I was fine with that. We moved too another stadium, didn’t have alot of money. Wenger had too break up the invincible and build up another team. But after 6 years I’m done with. I can’t stand a longer “In Wenger We Trust” quote. Because the truth is anyone who says it is clueless. How can you still trust a man who has fails too deliver time after time again.

How can you trust a man who let Flamini go and didn’t replace him? How can you trust a man who keeps playing Almunia who’s keeps costing us points time after time again? How can you trust a man who signs a Man Utd reject? How can you trust a man who knows nothing about tactics? How can you play against Barcelona and not man-mark Messi? How can you trust a man who keeps lying too his fans every summer? And so on.

I really still want too trust him, I really do but the truth is I’m done with him. I want him, gone as soon as possible. How can the board bring out news saying “We’re going too try extend his contract” When he obviously doesn’t deserve a new contract. The sad truth is ladies and gentleman is that Arsenal FC doesn’t care about trophies or having ambitions all they do care about is Money. The board couldn’t give a toss if we won a trophy or not as long as we qualify for the Champions League. It doesn’t matter if we finish 4th or 1th to them.

Now we’re going too probably sell Fabregas. I don’t blame him. How can you blame him when he sees his friends over at Barcelona win trophy after trophy and at Arsenal he doesn’t win a single one. I hope if we do sell him we will spend the money we get on him and sign a replacement? But will we? I don’t think so. It will kill Nasri’s development in the centre of the team. Bye Bye next season. “Hooray for 4th place!”

You can say too me I’m a C##t or twat I don’t care. You can be blind for the truth but I’m not. As long Wenger is in charge we won’t win a trophy. Because when the time comes he will f##k it up. Play youngsters in a tricky away game in the Fa Cup. Use silly tactics in the Champions League etc. 2 years ago I couldn’t believe I would have said this but the time has come….


By koopa – Member of the Arsenal Action Forum

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