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How And Where To Bet On Arsenal

Curious about betting on Arsenal’s results? Here’s an overview of what to know and different kinds of games, when you’re betting.

When you closely follow a football team, you often also get a greater insight into your team’s performances, tactics, and shape. This is a great tool to start predicting different outcomes of matches, leagues, and events.

Maybe you have a good idea of the result when Arsenal is visiting Manchester City at Etihad Stadium? Maybe you have a good guess on the moment when the manager is going to get sacked? Then you might be interested in sports betting. This is where you can take your best sports knowledge and take it into concrete guesses with some money at stake.

Different kinds of games

In this article we take you through some of the fundamental aspects of sports betting, thus, you’ll know how to turn your knowledge into some bets. Let’s start by looking into some of the different types of betting:

Match Result 1X2: This is one of the simplest forms of football betting. Simply you guess who will win. Place a 1 for the home team and 2 for away. If you think it’s going to be a draw you put an X.

Double Chance: Instead of playing at one of the three outcomes, you can pick two of them for lower odds.

Score: Here you will bet on the number of goals each team will score. Odds are typically higher here, but the chance of winning is lower.

Halftime/Fulltime: Like 1X2, but where you both predict the result after the first half and the final result.

Goals Over/Under: Here you simply guess if there will be scored more or less than a number of goals. Let’s say you see two teams with poor strikers but strong defenders. Then you can play at under 2.5 goals in the game, which means that two goals have to be scored in the game. You can also play Over/Under for the individual teams. It can be smart to play at the number of goals if a team is a big favourite and has low odds on a win. Then instead you can bet on the favourites to score a lot of goals.

Both Teams to Score: A simple yes/no kind of bet.

Goalscorer: Here you have a couple of variations. Normally you can bet on each player on the field and place your bet if the player’s going to score a goal, becomes the first goalscorer, or scores the final one.

Winning Margin: Here you bet at the margin in the final result. If you think the home team will win with 2 goals, it doesn’t matter if the match ends 2-0, 3-1, 4-2, or 12-10.

Other kinds of games: These are just an outline of different options. You can also find special games, games with handicaps, or bet on the final league results.

More on betting

There is always a lot to learn about sports betting. Once you’ve learned the basics about how odds are working and the different kinds of bets you can make, you can gain more advanced knowledge about different tactics and approaches to sports betting. If you want to know more about betting, one of the best sites to get insights into betting, find daily tips, and read guides on how to do smart betting is This site is one of the largest internet databases with betting information and you can also keep advanced track of your betting history.

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