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Henry to leave New York Red Bulls: Arsenal return on the cards?


It has been established by reports in America that Thierry Henry will not be extending his stay with the New York Red Bulls when his contract expires in December.

Henry joined the Red Bulls from Barcelona 4 years ago and during that time he also managed to complete a loan spell at Arsenal in January 2012. He has scored a total of 49 goals and assisted 41 during his four year stay in the MLS league and he is still capable of scoring brilliant goals and impressing people with his talent.

Just a month ago Landon Donovan tweeted a picture of him with the caption “everything he touches turns to gold” on the Red Bulls’ Twitter feed indicating he is still a very big part of their team.

Henry’s departure from the NY Red Bulls could have a cataclysmic effect on the club who are rumoured to be selling up in the near future after a drop in profits. If  Henry leaves the club will be forced to asses their value as he is an important part of the team.

So what next for Thierry Henry?  

Well it seems he has made no decision to retire as of yet so it is unclear to what Henry may decide to do. But earlier this year he did state that his ambition was to “become an Arsenal manager one day” and maybe now is the time to start preparing for that?

A return to Arsenal could be on the books for he is still widely loved and welcome at the club. He could easily manage one last season playing for us and then take on a coaching role when he chooses to retire from playing. Henry alongside Wenger for the last two years of his career would certainly boost morale for the club and the fans who are losing faith in where our future is heading right now. He could be the person to change all of that and lead us in the right direction…

That’s the dream isn’t it?

To have a club legend return for the remainder of his playing days and then forward onto becoming head coach. Can you imagine how amazing our next generation of strikers would be if they had Thierry Henry to learn from, the guy who scored 226 goals for Arsenal and loved every moment of playing for us. Henry imparting all of that skill,knowledge, passion, emotion and heart we have seen from him over the years can repeated in our history and that is an exciting to envision.

Arsenal fans love a hero and love a ex-player returning, we have built a history on people who have shown a deep love for the club and keep supporting us and returning to just be a part of the Arsenal. It’s these people who keep our club alive and that’s what we need at the moment, more people who genuinely love the team.

Who knows what Henry will decide though, he could choose to play somewhere less physical for a while or retire from football completely but what I do know is all eyes and ears will be waiting and anticipating his decision when he leaves.

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