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Francis Coquelin alludes to “wake-up call”

Following Arsenal’s poor start to the season it has been the kick up the proverbial back side for the current squad who had been in good shape from pre-season, Coquelin has admitted the defeat to West Ham was a massive “wake-up call”

Speaking to Arsenal player the tough tackling holding midfielder stated

“Considering the recent results we had before that, going really well in pre-season, it’s disappointing and it was not an Arsenal performance.

“However, in bad things, good things can come out too. It’s good that it happened in the first game so that now we can pull ourselves together with 37 games left. We’ve got time to put things right and that needs to start on Sunday.

“Everybody realises that we need to put more in. When you look at different teams I think a lot of them are ready. You look at Manchester City when they played against West Brom, I think they played really good football.

“We need to pull ourselves together and it’s going to be a real test on Sunday because Crystal Palace have a really good squad. We know the quality we have and we need to respond straight away. We’ve been working really hard in training and we need to put all of the training effort into the game.”
The Frenchman was not the only player to be below-par last weekend, and will be looking to help Arsenal get back to winning ways.

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