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"FOUR" Missed Opportunities or Good Judgement?..

As we all knew it would be…This summer has been awash with endless transfer rumour and gossip.

I would say that 90% of the names that we have been linked with are nothing more then media speculation to generate headlines.

However some names do have some credible argument, 4 players who were linked with this summer have now signed for other clubs and at reasonable prices.

Klaas Jan Huntelaar to AC Milan £13m
Felipe Melo to Juventus £17m
Sébastien Bassong to Spurs £8m
Lorik Cana to Sunderland £5m

I know some members on our forum were very keen on all listed coming to Arsenal this summer but we missed out on all of them…

So was this “FOUR” Missed Opportunities or Good Judgement by Wenger?

Whatever reason we didn’t sign them I’m sure Wenger has other players on his hit list. So lets just see what the next 2 weeks bring up.

Keep the faith

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