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FA Cup Preview: Arsenal v Hull City


Arsenal fans have been waiting for this moment for 9 very long years but the time to end our trophy drought is almost upon us and as we prepare for the biggest game of our season there is an excited nervousness amongst us all.

We travel to Wembley on Saturday with our heads high and our hearts full of hopes and dreams, this is time to think fondly back to all the cup finals we have won previously and install that belief in our team that we can win that cup.

We’ve had the hardest run in the lead up to the final having beaten Spurs, Everton and Liverpool and won on penalties against Wigan in the semi-final, whereas Hull only played one Premier League club when they took on Sunderland.

That being said we are the favourites on the day and even though we have the “9 years without a trophy” shadow hanging over us this could be a great cup final especially as we could also equal Man United’s record of 11 FA Cup trophy wins.

The pressure is on Wenger and the team this weekend, they have a lot to prove and face huge criticism if this final doesn’t go their way. There is speculation that the outcome of this game could affect Wenger’s decision to renew his contract at the club, but he is in a positive mood regarding the Final and here is what he had to say in his interview yesterday.

“No matter what the result will be, this club – and this is always most important – can deal with the consequences of any game,” he said.

“What is important is that we come out of the game and have the feeling that we gave absolutely our best, our total energy to play at our best and then you always accept the consequences.

“No matter how much we talk about it, you can win and lose but you want to come out of the game feeling you have done the maximum to win and that is what we want to achieve.”

Honestly, Arsenal can win it this year, the 128 days at the top of the league proves that we more capable this year than any of the other 8 years, it’s time to be strong and take the best football we’ve played this season and transfer it to the Wembley pitch.

We have a great record against Hull having beaten them every time in our last 6 meetings, but we can never underestimate the effect of desire and belief can have on teams like Hull, you only have to look back to last year and see how Wigan beat City to see the power that can have.

We have a fully fit team for the game asides from late fitness test on Oxlade-Chamberlain and Tomas Vermaelen. There will also be the question of whether Fabianksi who has been in goal for the whole tournament will play his last game for us in goal or whether Wenger will opt for Szczesny.

There’s a nice atmosphere amongst us all at the moment, apart from a few negative ninny’s there is a great amount of joy and excitement, for once the fans seem united in their support. This bodes well for Saturday’s atmosphere because there has to be a big amount of noise to cheer on the team, they deserve it, they’ve played well to get us to this final.

It’s time to put the last 9 years behind us and move onto a more successful era, it’s time to unite and get behind our manager, team, other fans and support our club to a nice shiny trophy.

Wherever you are watching the final Saturday enjoy every moment and remember

“Victory through Harmony”

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