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Everything Looking Up Ahead of the Two Biggest Games of the Season

Our next two games are for right now the two biggest games of the season. The FA Cup semi-final vs. Chelsea, and the Champions League quarter final vs. Villareal. Everything is pointing for us to win both.

A. We thrashed Wigan 4-1 away. I know it’s Wigan, but 4 goals away is 4 goals away

B. We have an away goal and we are playing at home

C. Senna, their captain and most important player, has been ruled out

D. Nasri, Adebayor and van Persie all got well deserved rests vs. Wigan, and should be fresh for Villareal

Now, for the Chelsea game pretty much only one thing: they conceded three goals at home against Bolton!!!!! And three of their goals were from set pieces!! Under Hiddink, Chelsea have only won by more than1 goal three times, against Newcastle, Middlesborough, and Liverpool in the CL. I think if we can put a goal or two past them it’s all over. We’re the better team. We have 11 players that can combine with each other and tear teams apart, as they have show in this run of umpteen something games unbeaten.

But the important thing right now is the Villareal game. We’re at home, we have the advantage, we’re on great form, and their are losing their key player. If we lose I’ll be seriously pissed. We haven’t lost at the Emirates in the Champions League EVER. We have no business to be losing to Villareal there.

I think we’ll line up like this:

—van Persie—Adebayor—






I am completely comfortable with this line up, I’m going to say 2-0, or 3-0 to the Arsenal. No doubt about it. This week I hope I’ll be able to write a Chelsea preview and an article about who should play center midfield next year: Diaby, Denilson or Song.

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