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Evening News: Podolski loses shinpads and quotes from today

Well I won’t spend too much time giving my opinion on last nights game as you are probably sick to the back teeth of reading or hearing about it. But in case you want to read it you can find it here.

There’s not much news today so I thought I’d shed some light on the events of last night.

As you noticed during the game there was kerfuffle when Podolski realised he had lost his shinpads as he was being subbed on and it led to him having to borrow Ozil’s. The good humoured German took to Instagram this morning to make fun of himself by posting this:


“After last night I’m thinking about bringing out my own set of books. #wheresmyshinpad #banter #Poldi #aha #whotookit #whereswally”

There were a few people who obviously reacted saying he shouldn’t be joking about something and that it was unprofessional but in all honesty whether he had those shinpads or not, we were still going to lose that game.

Jack Wilshere promises that arsenal will respond after this loss, speaking to the London Evening Standard he told them

“It’s never nice to lose a game – we wanted to come here and win – but that was our first Champions League group game.”

“We have got five more so we have an opportunity to try and get 15 points and that is what we’ll try to do.

“It hasn’t quite clicked for us yet but we’ve got a lot of quality players and I’m sure it’ll come right.”

Wilshere has put in a few good performances recently so it’s good to see him speaking up for the team.

Last but not least Paul Merson is so affected by Arsenal’s loss that he is making up words to describe where we stand right now. Speaking on Sky Sports he said:

“We were sitting here beforehand saying they could win the league… but watching that they were a ‘gillion’ miles away from anything.

“Something has to change because this happens at least four times a season. This is not a one-off; this happens four or five times a season.”

I make him right on that.

So that’s all the news today, thank-you for reading!


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