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European Super League – For greed or development?

European Super League

The footballing world has been rocked by the announcement of the European Super League. 12 clubs have confirmed their participation in the league with more to come and that has led many to wonder what the implications could be?

The Legal Implications

As per Aleksander Ceferin, the UEFA President, the 12 clubs who founded the league are likely to be banned from European competition as soon as possible. He also wants the players involved to not be able to play any part in a major tournament. There are five clubs from the super league who are active in European competition at the moment.

The FIFA Point Of View

FIFA president Giovanni Infantino has already had plans of having an expanded Club World Cup that would have seen the breakaway clubs play a part. But a statement from the world governing body states their disapproval for this proposed league. However, many have considered FIFA’s response to be weak and unless they take some stringent action on the lines of UEFA, it will be tough to stop the 12 clubs.

The Champions League?

As things stand, the current Champions League format is set to continue as the breakaway clubs have no objections with it. They would like the Champions League to continue and perhaps some of the teams from there will make up for some slots in the new league. This is not the view of UEFA for whom the Champions League remains the most important competition.

What About The Premier League?

Six of the 12 founding clubs are from the Premier League and they have expressed their desire to continue playing in this league. But if UEFA were to have their way, it would result in the six teams being removed from domestic competition. It will also have an impact on the fight for the Champions League spots. With these six teams automatically qualifying for the Super League , there will be no race for the first four slots.

The other impact is financial in nature given these clubs will see so much money coming in that it would be impossible for rest of the teams to displace them from the top of the league which also means automatic Champions League qualification for these clubs. It will also have a drastic impact on Premier League finances, as it is likely that this new league will take some broadcast money away.

What’s Latest?

There’s mounting pressure on the clubs and according to some reports, English clubs are having second thoughts on taking part. UEFA president has also left the door open for clubs to come back. Here are some tweets:

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