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Eboue vs Sagna. Who is the best right back at Arsenal?

Recently this has been debated on the forum, who is the better right back? Eboue Vs Sagna.

Eboue is a player who is fantastic going forward but weak defending.

And Sagna is  a player who is solid at the back but very poor coming forward?

Who would you rather have?

Its funny that last season some fans were saying that Sagna was the best RB in the league and moaning about how poor Eboue was.

How things have turned around.

Sagna is a good defender but when it comes to going forward he is one of the worst RB we have had at Arsenal for some time.

Dixon & Lauren were very good attacking players.

Sagna gives us nothing going forward, his crossing is poor and I cant remember him getting an assist unlike Eboue. As seen this weekend, Eboue gives us so much going forward, Setting up the first goal and at times his pace and power down the right was just amazing. Something Sagna just cant give us.

Eboue got alot of stick last season and was booed off the pitch by a small number of fans, Did he moan or ask for a move? NO he worked hard and credit to him, Eboue reinvented himself, we’re starting to see the eboue that we saw when he first arrived here. Lets remember that last season Eboue was used mostly as a winger and not a right back.

Some people say that Sagna is a better defender? and that Eboue is ‘defensively poor’ for me this is a myth.

Eboue  was part of a back four that hold the existing CL record for clean sheets, with Flamini playing left back!

He kept the very best attackers in the world at bay in the CL final year, not giving Ronandinho, Robinho, etc a fcking sniff.

Sagna is a solid right back, But he gives us nothing going forward, very wasteful with his crosses and he doesn’t have the pace n power of energy of Eboue.

So for me i would pick Eboue all day long…

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