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Do we expect an apology from Barcelona? Email them…

In all types of business, companies are expected to control there staff.

Barcelona are regarded by some as being the greatest footballing club in the world,  so maybe its about time they started to show some respect to others and acted like it?

The behavior of certain Barcelona players recently has been nothing more then a disgrace.  The club should discipline the players and also make a full and public apology to Arsenal FC and there fans for the recent Cesc incident.

If Barcelona want to be regarded in high esteem by so many they need to act and show that they do not approve of such behaviour.

Also Fifa should do something about this. But we as Arsenal fans live in the real world, of course Barcelona or fifa are not going to do anything. They are going to say “it was just a playful joke”

But add to this all the comments made by so many Barca players about the future of Cesc, this is surly a campaign to disrupt a young man into moving to his hometown club.

Just imagine if Arsenal did this? Lets just say we were linked with Ribery and all summer our french players at the world cup were talking about how great it would be if he signed for us etc. Lets say France won the world cup and Diaby, Sagna did the same to Ribery.

There would be a public outcry in Germany from Bayern Munich and there fans.

Its totally unacceptable and WE as supporters must show our disgust.

Please comment bellow, and this post will be forwarded on to Barcelona FC and Fifa demanding action.

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