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Did Wenger LIE to the Arsenal fans AGAIN?

A few weeks ago the Arsenal king of spin Arsene Wenger said that he wanted to bring in a frontman to cover a couple of key injuries.

At the time i said on the forum that Wenger was useing this to get the best out of Eduardo and was not going to sign a striker. Then Wenger came out and said “I want to buy as soon as possible” and” I will spend my money responsibly” I again said that this was bullshit and within the next few weeks Wenger would come out and say that the return of injuryed players would be like NEW signings..and not for the first time, He “DID

Not the first time we have seen this from Wenger over the years. and not the first time he has lied to the fans and mugged us off.

Why come out with all this bollocks on and get the fans hopes up about new signings only to let us down? I do wish Wenger would just keep his gob shut and stop coming out with all this crap.

Over the years he has said things like ” I will sign 2 world class players, ” The Arsenal fans will be reassured by the new signings” I will sign BIG players”…Etc etc etc.

And everytime we are let down.

And NOW Wenger who recently told the world that he was looking at Chris Smalling has missed out on yet another player. Why did he say anything about Smalling anyway? … by doing so he told other clubs who might have been looking at Smalling that we were looking at him and there might be a chance we could missed out on him.

And Man Utd showed Arsenal hows its done. In 2 days they had a bid accepted and the player signed.

Unlike Arsenal who seem to take 5/6 weeks to sign a player and get the deal done but trying to get him as cheap as possible. and run the risk of missing out, Just like we did with Alonso, and how we almost missed out on Arshavin.

Well… Yet again a transfer window has come and gone and Arsenal do nothing. Like i have said loads of times, Arsenal care about one thing and thats profit.

We are in a fantastic place to win the league and by investing some of that £30m from the sales of Adebayor and Toure on much needed replacements for Song and RVP we might have gone on and won the league.

Now I just fear that the next 4 games will put an end to that and our season.

But who cares, At the end of the day the club will be happy with the profit and the “in wenger we trust crew” will tell us that Wenger did a great job. But the sad fact is that this season we had a real chance of winning something for the first time since 2005 and all we needed was 2 players and our manager to spend some of that profit.But yet again Wenger has shown how stubborn he is… I just hope that come the end of THIS season you will all see what I see.

Arsenal care about one thing and thats not winning things, its about making money and Wenger is treating my club as his own project. This club is now a farm. We sign players with only one thing in mind, to sell them on for a profit.

Why? Dont we spend good money at Arsenal? Why dont we get the big signings like Torres etc?

Maybe thats why you are now seeing so many empty seats at Arsenal. People have had enough of this and i cant blame them.


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