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"Deja vu" for Arsenal fans! We have heard this before Wenger.

Arsenal fans must feel like they have lived this summer over and over again.

I feel that we have been here and seen this before.

Wenger has said at the end of each of the last 4 seasons that his priority would be to “keep the squad together”

That never seems to be the case and we never seem to replace the players who have moved on.

And then Wenger comes out and says the same thing “I have trust in this squad, We dont need to sign as the players coming back from injury will be like new signings”…Etc

With only 4 days till the start of the new season, we again have seen a repeat of this.

All summer we have been linked with a host of players, Wenger comes out and gives a half hearted comment that gives us hope and then we are all let down.

Wenger has the money this summer to spend on new players after cashing in on Adebayor & Toure. So what is he waiting for?  The new players should have been brought into the squad a long time ago so they could have time to gel and play a few friendly’s and adjust to life at the club?

So whats the problem?

Well, i fear that Wenger and Arsenal are trying to do the same thing we always do…Trying to get players on the cheap and are waiting till the very last minute.

Remember the transfer of Arshavin that went through at the very last minute on deadline day?

The only problem in playing that game is that another club could come in and pay the asking price and then you miss out and with the deadline you don’t have the time to go after a different player.

Lets look at Liverpool and the way they do things compared to us.

They sell a player in Alonso and 48hrs later they have signed a replacement in Aquilani.

Now lets look at us, we sold Diarra, Flamini and Gilberto last year, Whats taken so long in finding a replacement?

I said at the end of last season that it was going to be a big summer for Wenger and he needed to address the problems, and so far he has not. If anything we are weaker then we were at this stage last season.

And look what happened last season we got off to a terrible start and were out of the league by Dec, Only the signing of Arshavin in Feb saved our season from being a complete disaster.

People might say we came so close, and this team has great potential! But how much longer are we going to here that?

How many of you can hand on heart say we are going to win the league this year? Or even finish in the top 3?

Peter Hill Wood came out last week and said that coming 4th was like winning a prize? What is he on about? If he thinks that’s good enough for a club like Arsenal then he should step down and allow a new owner to move this club forward with major investment.

Players like Cesc,Van Persie and Arshavin need to achieve things or they are going to want to leave.

I fear that this season is going to be the worst ever under Wenger. Lets be honest if Villa didn’t flop towards the end of last season we would have finished 5th. This season we have Man City to deal with plus a host of other clubs have improved.

How can Wenger say that he is happy with this squad and we have a chance of winning everything? And how can the fans be fooled with the same lines over and over again.

I love my team, and will support them till the end.

But I’m a frustrated gooner who wants to see investment and i fear for the future of the club as i have seen this time and time again.


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