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Change is needed at Arsenal! Wenger out? Rice out?

Looking at the overall picture at Arsenal its clear to me that somethings are not right. the players don’t seem to have that urgency or desire anymore. Whats is this down to and what can we do to fix it?

For the first time since arriving at Arsenal Arsene Wenger is under pressure  and the fans who use to say “in Arsene we trust” are now not so sure? But for me he is still the best man to take the club forward. Even if we don’t make it into 4th place and champions league football next season.

But I do feel something needs to change at Arsenal, We need to bring in a new spark and a new face to freshen things up. Having played the game myself I know that sometimes a change of manager can kick start a player who felt his starting place was guaranteed. Also a change to the training style could bring new ideas to the club. Its seems like we cant change our style to beat teams who come and defend anymore.

We all knew that teams like Sunderland would come with player 10 players behind the ball but yet (and not for the first time this season) we failed to break them down and we over played and passed the ball without no real end or shot on goal.

Our crossing from wide areas has become a joke, Sagna and Clichy need work on this part of the game as the amount of attacks that break down due to an under hit or over hit cross is a not acceptable.

So we cant change the manager that much is clear to me. So what can we do to bring some new life into the club? Maybe some players are feed up with the same old speech from the manager and the number 2? Maybe the players are sick of the same old training methods?

For me the answer is clear and Manchester Utd have done this time and time again under Alex Ferguson and George Graham did this to bring new life into the club. Its time to bring in a new number 2 at Arsenal! Pat Rice is without doubt a legend at the club but its clear to me that the players need something new and a kick up the arse! Its clear to me that the players need to work on parts of there game, Like crossing and defending from set plays.

For me the first thing that Arsenal need to do in the summer is bring in a new man who can do all the above. Graham did this at Arsenal a few years ago to bring in new life and freshen things up and it worked a treat, After Arsenal won the league under Graham with Theo Foley as his number 2 things then started to go downhill and Arsenal and the players needed a change and they brought in a new man with new ideas and it seemed to work.

Its the same with Man Utd, Look how many times they have brought in a new face to support Ferguson and bring in new methods,Brian Kidd, Carlos Queiroz & now Mike Phelan. Something needs to change at Arsenal that’s for sure, And i think that’s the best way forward.

I don’t want to see Wenger lose his job like some fans as I fear if Wenger was to leave a number of players would follow him out of the door. Maybe this season will be a kick up the backside to Wenger and the club and prove that maybe we have got complacent and need to change our ways? One things for sure is that we cant carry on like this….”in the words of Barack obama” CHANGE is what we need. But who do we change? the manger? or do you agree with me about the new number 2?

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Gaffer, AA

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