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Cesc, GPSs and Samir Nasri

So it seems Cesc Fabregas wants his ‘future resolved’ before the world cup. First of all, not only do I doubt the authenticity of the quotes, I don’t see why there is anything to be resolved? Did he not sign a new, long term contract last year to make him the highest paid Arsenal player of all time? On top of a three million pound bonus to make up for being underpaid for two years? I do not begrudge Cesc a move. If I had his talent, was playing with the bunch of clowns he is currently playing with and was stirring up interest  from my boyhood club – the best team in the world – then I would take it in a snap. Cesc has stuck by us, played through injury and become a true gooner in his time here. Anyone who would wish him the worst is a disgrace . He’s done more than many would for us. Having said that though, I don’t want to see Arsenal let him go without a fight. The guy is Mr. Arsenal and is worth more to us than 50 million. Imagine the knock effect if he was to leave. Our whole style of play is based around him and he is one of the few genuinely world class players we have left in our squad. Which player would want to join us – a team of average players, trophyless for five years – who could effectively replace him? Who would show as much passion and determination and leadership as him? Not to mention his marketing capabilities. What would happen to the morale of the squad if he were to leave? Our leader and one of the few real voices left inside the club? Would they also not want to leave? Would they believe they can win a trophy without him? Would Wenger really spend the money to replace him – no, he would promote Denilson. What I want to see, is see Wenger ballsing up. Sir Alex fought tooth and nail to keep Ronaldo and he was professional enough to give him one more fantastic season before leaving for a world record fee. I want to see that fight in Wenger before letting our best player go, unlike his attitude towards past sales…We have the contract, so we have the power.

This whole GPS business is interesting and fair play to the Arsenal team – medical team that is, our management is shite – for implementing something new. Although by the sounds of it, teams like Fulham have already employed such technology. So much for Arsenal being the driving force in new techniques and development, eh? Once this comes in, I wonder if Wenger will use his “jaded” excuse anymore? I appreciate that it will take some time to collect enough reliable data to determine whether there is a correlation but by January, we should have enough data from our more ‘injury prone’ players to determine how often they reach their physical limit. Wenger should then be able to factor this in when planning for the amount of games we play in the second half of the season and decide how many players need to be brought in to cover adequately for any niggly injuries. After that point really, his excuses for players being ‘jaded’ and blaming niggly injuries will hold absolutely no sway to me and just confirm my thoughts that he is an arrogant man, who only listens to his own opinion. It would not surprise me in the slightest were Wenger to completely ignore the data presented to him.

On to the issue of Samir Nasri. Not really overly surprising is it? Has had an average season at best and the France team cannot really afford to take on board any passengers. Add that to the fact that Domench is a Wenger-hating cunt and the decision should have been expected. Which is surprising that Diaby was selected but I suppose he also offers a physical aspect which a lot of players cannot. In the end, Arsenal come out of this as winners as a fairly tender player gets a nice, long, safe rest, where the biggest danger is being guzzled by sharks. It will hopefully give him time to reflect on his season and help him build up the mental toughness that he so badly needs. If he doesn’t have the hunger to prove people wrong after this, I don’t want him at Arsenal.

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