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Over the last week we have had an interview from Wenger stating that there is a distinct possibility that he won’t spend this transfer window as well as insisting that Arsenal are strong enough to compete for the title without any signings. As well as Arsene’s delusional speeches we have heard a lot of other people saying that there is a divide at Arsenal with Arsene refusing to spend and the board are growing increasingly impatient at having to deal with a manager who refuses to spend and possibly admit that he is wrong. Amy Lawrence a journalist from the Guardian spoke quite frankly on the situation at Arsenal last night and you can hear a clip of what she had to say on the link below.

Link to Interview (HERE)

We are tired of watching the financial views of certain people bring our club down, we are sitting on a small fortune with a depleted squad and no action has been taken to buy any players this summer! Every club asides from Man United have all bought players this season and strengthened up their squads and we are left wondering what do our board and manager do every summer? It is time for this to end, it is time for us to take action and make them sit up and notice how unhappy the fans really are.

Arsenal Action have organised a boycott of buying the Arsenal kit this season. It is simple just don’t buy the kit, if we all refuse to buy a new kit then it is a start. Wear an old shirt to games, they are much nicer than the new ones anyway. If Arsenal refuse to spend money then why should we? Let’s unite and show them we are serious in our view on their socialist transfer policy.

Support Arsenal with your heart. Support the players and never boo them. But until Arsene Wenger starts to spend the pound notes, WE the fans wont spend on the new kit or ANY Arsenal Merchandise.

Time to take a stand Gooners

Twitter Tag #BoycottBuyingTheArsenalKit

Facebook Event Page (HERE)

Wear an old kit to games. Boycott spending until they do!!

Old Kit

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