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Boycott buying the new England kit


This week the FA released their new England kits for the upcoming World Cup tournament in the summer and revealed that they will cost £90 for a matchday shirt and £60 for a replica shirt.  The FA have switched sponsors from Umbro to Nike which is the reason for the price hike but that still shouldn’t matter, there should be a cap on the price of National team shirts instead of charging the same as what the top clubs in Europe do. The FA knew that Nike shirts would be more expensive and the two companies are taking advantage of the fans-especially parents who will have to fork out for this for their kids.

The previous white shirt was released in May last year has only been used a total of 7 times, the red has only been worn twice since it’s release in June 2013 so there is no need for a new kit to be released so soon, it will not get enough uses before they introduce another one in 12 months time.

These are the same money grabbing cronies that say we don’t make the effort to support the England team anymore, and that we don’t encourage the youth of today to be interested in World Cup and Euro competitions. Is it any wonder when they charge stupid amounts for football shirts, tickets and merchandise? I remember a time when the World cup and Euro competitions were about showcasing the best of your football talent to the world, and uniting everyone in the country so for just a few weeks every year we all support the same team, it shouldn’t be about how much commercial and merchandise revenue they can draw in.

I’m sure the rulebook states that National kits should be limited to two every 18 months-a home and away kit but it seems this rule no longer applies to the FA when it comes to cashing in more money of the good people of England. I don’t know why it hasn’t been applied in this instance or maybe they done away with the rule without us knowing but this has always been the circumstance with previous kits.

The whole of the footballing world is corrupt with money but one thing you normally bank on is the national teams actually being less like that, they are meant to be drumming up support for the summer not alienating real football families by charging £60 for a football shirt. A typical 5 person family will have to pay £300 to kit their family out in shirts this summer and it’s not fair, if they made them all £20-30 then I honestly think most people would buy them and be happy about it.

We are English people, we have supported our National team through the good and the bad over god knows how many years. We have endured the bad decisions made by the FA, bad manager choices made by the FA and bad team choices also made by the FA, we have had to sit around and watch you corrupt our teams and leagues with your elitist attitudes and you still think you can charge £90 for a shirt when our squad probably won’t make it past the group stages.

With every tournament support diminishes and fans loose faith because of decisions made by the FA and this year it is time to take a stand. Boycott buying the new England kit, you don’t need to spend any money to support your country this year and especially not at the cost of £90. Dig out your old retro shirts and share them around the family, you’ll all be wearing a shirt that will mean more than this one ever will. Hit the FA where it hurts and stop them from taking advantage in the future. It’s our England team-not theirs.


UPDATE: You can get retro England shirts for £25 on

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