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Arsène, you forgot to buy milk again, didn’t you?

Every morning it’s the same.

Mrs Wenger gets up and trudges sleepy-eyed over to the fridge in search of some milk with which to moisten her corn flakes. Then says with a sighs: “Arsène, you forgot to buy milk again, didn’t you?” Arséne bristles before retorting with that familiar blend of defensiveness and condescension: “In England you think every problem can be solved with purchases.

I have absolute faith in the ability of water to embellish corn flakes. I wonder how much of a positive person you really are: you grumble about the lack of milk, but why not look in the vegetable compartment and marvel at the quality of the aubergines?

I believe I deserve tremendous praise for the quality of them aubergines.”

So Mrs Wenger eats her watery corn flakes while Arsène takes chunks of aubergine and makes elegant loops and whirls through the air with the spoon without ever managing to insert it into his mouth.

Then he picks up the paper and chuckles at the stories linking Arsenal with a move for a powerful, no-nonsense Anderlecht goal-getter Romelu Lukaku and efficient Dutch goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg…. By Paul Doyle ( Link

So if you think its a hard life being an Arsenal fan under Wenger with his lack of spending, Just think about poor Mrs Wenger and her watery corn flakes.

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