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Arsenal’s Double Standards

This summer I’m sure many a fan has been hoping, dreaming of lots of new talent (preferably in the defensive area) joining our club. We have only signed two players (Chamakh and Koscielny who it took months for the transfers to be completed) and have let several go. Wenged promised reinforcement, yet I feel our depth especially in defence is wafer thin, and this in a highly competitive league is naive to the extreme.

However I digress, my main issue is with the length of time it takes us as a world renound club to complete its transfers of players. I bet all of us remember the Arshavin and Nasri Saga’s that seemed to go on forever. However when our beloved manager wants a new contract, he gets it in a matter of days?

Don’t get me wrong I’ve been a great fan of Wenger over the past 5 years, although recently some of his methods have undoubtably baffled most Arsenal fans, he has served and evolved our club for the most part in the right direction. But this eagerness to snap Wenger to a new contract, rather than invest this time to quickening our transfer process, in my opinion shows the desires of the hierachy of the club: to just scrape forth place with the minimum amounts of spending possible, just to be happy to get the extra Champions League and TV money. And I think the only way to improve on our league positions in recent years and to end our trophyless spell is to get out of this mindset and attempt to sign players faster. This will give the new players longer to dwell, and more importantly not give us fans such a rollercoaster ride in the transfer windows.

by Gunner_X5

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