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Arsenal were a massive club before Wenger & will be after Wenger!


Ive been a gooner all my life and been watching the Arsenal for over 40 years. I didnt pick the team i had to support it was past down to me from my father who was a die hard fan and we use to go and stand in the old clock end together.

During that time we have had some good times and bad, as a kid it was mostly bad as we were pretty poor  in the early 80s and finished most seasons in 7th and sometimes even worst. But we have always had a style and Arsenal have always been a big club when people talk about football in England.

Then we won the league in 1989 and my life changed. For the first time i was able to say ” we are champions ” Players like Rocastle, Merson, Davis, Smith, Adams, Bould, Dixon and more made me the happiest gooner alive. The day we won the title i cried with joy as i didnt think i would see the day in my life time. My old man use to tell me about the double team in 1971 and his face use to light up when he spoke about Charlie George’s goal that won the fa cup.

Why am i telling you all this?

Well some fans only know life under Wenger and fear that the club will crumble if he was to leave. they think that Wenger made this club with his own hands and without him everything would turn into dust.

Let me make a few things very clear. Wenger is/was a great manager and his style of football is a joy to watch and maybe the best I have seen. But he is not Arsenal FC

As many of you have said, the lack of spending, the negative 1 striker, the faith shown in poor players like Almunia is poor judgement from Wenger.

Many of you keep saying that players will leave if wenger was to go? Well let them. Their loyalty should be with the club (Arsenal FC) and not Wenger.

Since the FA Cup win in 2005 Wenger has slowly ripped the heart out of the great 49ners and replaced great players with some talented and some terrible players.

For me its time for a new chapter for Arsenal.

Move Wenger upstairs and give him a job in the boardroom but we need a new manager with a different vision

By Anfield 89

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