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Arsenal Supporters’ Trust hold constructive meeting with Daniel Ek

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The Arsenal Supporters’ Trust have revealed that they held a ‘constructive meeting’ with Spotify owner Daniel Ek as he aims to takeover the club.

Founded in 2003, this trust has been the official voice of the fans ever since its inception. The trust have had a record influx of members since the opposition to the club’s involvement in the proposed European Super League was made public.

The Swedish billionaire with a consortium of former players: Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Patrick Vieira had a meeting with the AST. The supporters trust have made a list of demands that they want the new owners to fulfil.

This includes giving the fans more of a say in the running of the club, owning more equity in it and having voting rights over key areas. Here is the official statement from AST:

“The AST welcomed a recent approach from Daniel Ek and his consortium partners Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira, and that they said meeting us was a priority for them. A constructive meeting was held, and we were encouraged to hear their commitment to making the role of fans central to their proposals. This is very welcome, and we look forward to further dialogue.

“Fans should also have a greater say in how their club is run. This means direct engagement and involvement with the Board and executives. It means accountability through events such as an Annual General Meeting, the publication of key information, transparency and honesty. It also means fans having some form of voting rights, or “golden share”, that covers key custodian subjects such as the club entering new competitions and playing all home games in Islington.”

And as for their plans with the current owner Stan Kroenke, this is what the AST had to say:

“We will engage with anyone who has a serious proposal as it is important any current or future owner is aware of the importance of working with fans. We also continue to seek a constructive and meaningful dialogue with Stan and Josh Kroenke.”

Sky Sports claim that Daniel Ek will launch a bid of around £1.8bn this week. What is clear is that the Swede has some serious backing in the bid that is getting ready. The AST have some say over the club and having their support would mean a lot to any potential takeover that is being planned.

It is unlikely that KSE will entertain any idea of selling the club unless a huge tempting offer comes in. And with Arsenal at the business end of a tough season, any discussion on ownership might be put off till it is over. The trust will be happy that with Ek pitching in, the Kroenke’s might be forced to accept some of the demands to cool off the fans after the European Super League fiasco.

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