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Arsenal players need to eat more steaks and less broccoli & Players to leave in the summer.


Whats going on with the current bunch of Arsenal players? Are they made out of glass?

Never seen so many players break bones or pick up knocks.

Maybe its the famous diet that Wenger has got the Arsenal players on that’s the problem? Wenger feeds them Broccoli and Yogurt with a bottle of Evian Water.

Maybe that’s what the problem is? Wenger should be feed them steaks and raw eggs and toughen them up abit.

This cant be put down to bad luck? Something seriously is going wrong at Arsenal for us to be picking up so many injuries. Maybe its the training methods or the way the players warm up etc? But personally I think the diet is playing a major part in this.

And with this in mind why have we allowed so many players to leave on loan? Now we are down to the bare bones and we the return game to Barca and a north london derby coming up we could really use the likes of Senderos, Wilshere, Lansbury and Jay Thomas.

Now with Gallas,Cesc and Arshavin all likely to miss the rest of the season we are going to have to rely on the likes of Silvestre, Denilson and Eboue to win us the league and get us the result in Spain.

A very tall order with our best players. But with our most gifted players now missing its going to be mission impossible.

Makes you wonder if only Wenger would have gone out and used some of that £30m we got from the sales of Toure and Adebayor we might have been in a stronger position to win something this season.

But now it looks like this season will end the same way as the previos 5, a season that promised so much that ends in nothing.

Will the summer see Wenger go out and sing some reenforcments?

Or maybe that Pen by Cesc on wed night was his last kick for Arsenal and we are going to do what we always do and sell our best players and pocket the cash.

For me we need a massive clear out in the summer, Starting with Pat Rice. Then the likes of Eduardo, Denilson, Almunia need to be shown the door.

Bring in a new keeper or give the young lad Wojciech Szczesny a chance. Sign 2 Centerbacks and a ball winner in midfield to replace the weak and slow Denilson. I feel sorry for Eduardo but its clear to me that this lad is never going to be the same player he was. And in this new 4-5-1 system he is just dead wood. Eduardo needs to play in a 4-4-2 as he cant play on the wings and he weak as the lone striker.

So thats it…
Feed the players some streaks. Lose Pat Rice, and the deadwood players….SPEND a small bit of money and we might win something..


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