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Arsenal need a young manager like Pep Guardiola!

Before barcelona appointed Pep Guardiola they had gone 3 seasons without winning ANYTHING!! Sound familiar? Brave move by the barcelona board in appointing a young untested manager. But it proves what can be done if you bring in a new manager with fresh ideas and a different approach.

I have been saying for a long time that Arsenal should either bring in a new number 2 to replace Pat Rice or bring in a new manager to freshen things up.

in his first season at barcelona Pep Guardiola has won everything including the Champions league.Wenger has had 13 attempts at the champions league and has flopped. Guaridiola did it at his first attempt. Not bad for his first season as a manager.

And to all them people that keep on saying “what would we do without Wenger”…Just look what a new face can do.

My point proved, Yet again i was right!


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