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Arsenal make Chelsea charity feel welcome at a club with an actual history.

Arsenal are renowned for their local charity work with the fundraising they do for the charity “Treehouse” but they have gone the extra mile in the last few days.

Following the Chelsea parade on Monday where Jose Mourinho’s team were celebrating their Premier League triumph, Arsenal made arrangements to let a small Chelsea charity host their own celebrations outside the Emirates.

The reason for this is believed to be so they could experience what it feels like to celebrate a trophy at a club with an actual history longer than 12 years.

Chelsea’s turnout left a lot to be desired, one on looker said he had seen more people at his local post office last Wednesday to collect their weekly pension.

The Tony Adams statue was seen decorated with a Chelsea flag which goes to Show that Arsenal as a club are kind hearted, originally there were plans to have the celebration near the Thierry Henry statue but for unknown reasons the Chelsea fans seemed uncomfortable.

The charity called the C team is a charity for fans with Learning difficulties and they expect to grow as a charity as more Chelsea fans come forward to acknowledge their educational problems.

In a recent poll taken among Premier League fans Chelsea came second from bottom in an IQ test and Tottenham remained bottom. In fact 75% of Chelsea fans asked admitted being able to read only to a  year 4 standard, of that 75 % a further 60% admitted to voting UKIP in the recent general election.


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