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Arsenal have become a joke & Wenger is the clown

Who can blame the fans for booing?

There use to be a famous quote ” The Arsenal Way”.. Our great club always did things the right way and with class.

Now look at us, we have become a joke.

A club that cant finish off and hang onto a lead and a club that cant finish a transfer.

Linked for weeks with Ricky Alvarez, but we faffed around and lost out on him. Linked with Joel Campbell, and again couldn’t complete that deal. If we cant even convince unknown players like Alvarez and Campbell to join us then it shows how unattractive we have become.

And now news that the Juan Mata deal collapses because Arsenal Fail to pay the release fee in time just proves how Mickey Mouse we now are. Now his buy out clause is invalid and the price is now £10m MORE!

Add to that the current problems with Cesc and the fact that we might lose Nasri for NOTHING next summer and the fact that players like Almunia, Eboue and Bendtner are still on the payroll… CAN YOU REALLY BLAME THE FANS FOR BOOING!

What happened to “We will be active in the transfer market”… What happened to “We will see a high turnover of players”… What happened to “We wont allow a Flamini type situation to happen again”…. What happened to our great club?

But this is nothing new… I dont understand why so many people are now shocked. This has happened to Arsenal for a number of years now.

Mark my words the booing on Sunday will be repeated a number of times this season.

Nothing will change because Wenger hasn’t addressed our weaknesses… But this is nothing new!

Mr Gazidis and Mr Wenger should hang there heads in shame.

It’s going to be a long season.

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