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Arsenal fans MUST Boycott games

Empty seats and hit in the pocket is the only way this bunch of greedy bastards wills every take notice.

Arsenal fans pay the highest prices in the land for what? The money is NOT invested back into the team and all that keeps happening is that the money is wasted on sub standard signings. Paying high wages on overrated players and bonuses for the likes of Ivan Gazidis.

Wenger says that we have to charge this high rate on tickets in order to compete? What is he taking about? We have not challenged or competed for honours in years. The only prize we compete for is a Champions League place, but in the eyes of Arsene that is a prize.

Wenger says that if the fans don’t agree with the prices then they shouldn’t come back. What a totally disrespectful thing to say to the fans who have been priced out of going to Arsenal and it shows what our manager has become. For years Arsene has looked at the club as a project and a business. He has way to much power within the club and his only job should be looking after the team on the pitch and the teamsheet and not the clubs balance sheet.

How do Arsenal get a maximum return without any investment. But selling the clubs best TWO players each summer and replacing them on the cheap or maybe not at all. By charging the loyal fans an arm and a leg for tickets and merchandise. By making the fans believe that they are getting value for money by playing great attacking football. And finally by making the fans think that the money will be invested back into the playing stuff with propaganda lies and spin.

It’s a sad fact that players like Van Persie, Nasri, Clichy etc did NOT leave for money but only because they wanted to win things and they saw that under this manager that was never going to happen.

Arsene ALLOWED Van Persie to join Manchester Utd, our so called rivals. Would Barca sell Messi to Real Madrid. And when Arsene contacted Sir Alex and asked about Nani, and when Arsenal contacted Barca about David Villa the answer was NO SALE. That is because other clubs do NOT sell good players without A) having a better replacement lined up, or B) sell to a rival team to strengthen them.

Arsene comments that he knew Van Persie would win Manchester Utd the league is a disgrace and every goal that Van Persie scores for Utd Wenger and the board should hang there heads in shame.

Arsene gave his usual spin before the transfer window about signings 1 0r 2 players and as normal the fans started dreaming and drawing up a list of players that might sign. But so far its pretty much the same as the last 3 transfer windows with nothing but lies and being let down.

But even when Arsene has dipped into the transfer market his judgement on players has become “jaded” Signings like Park, Gervinho, Santos, Chamakh, Sqil and rewarding the likes of Djourou on mega wages was NOT the work of the board. The tactics are NOT the work of the board. Asking Ramsey to play on the wing is another example of how clueless Wenger’s tactics have become.

Arsenal fans will tell me that it’s not Arsene. It’s the board. Well if that was correct and Arsene is this puppet being used by the board, why on earth has he not resigned? Why would a manager stay if he has no power and is being undermined by the board? Why would he stay if the board were selling his best players and not giving him money back to spend? … If this was all true I would have respected Arsene Wenger for walking away, but he didn’t. He works in partnership with the board and he is rewarded for this with a £7m a year wage.

I’m sick of what we have become. I’m starting to hate this club that I grew up loving and this is why we have to make a stand for the long term future of our club.

Its clear to me that this board and our manager only care about making a profit.

I suggest we ALL stop pumping money and invested into the club until we see a return on our investment. IE, when they start to spend then WE will start to spend.

Our fans need to sacrifice a few games for the future of this club.

Wenger, Gazidis, Kroenke & Hill-Wood .. You have let us down its time for you ALL to get “OUT”

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