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Arsenal Fans fury as Wenger travels to Rome…on Deadline Day


Arsenal fans everywhere have taken to social media sites to express their fury at Wenger after he travels to Rome to referee a Peaceful Football game on Transfer Deadline Day.

After we were told last week that Wenger will be “active right up until the end of Deadline Day” it is a bit annoying to see there is no effort made by the man who has sole control over transfers to bring in the players we so obviously need.

It’s true that Ivan Gazidis or Dick Law could be in charge or any late deals that could happen but they obviously can’t be that important because we all know that Wenger likes to have a big role in signings. That couple with Ornsteins tweet below signals that business could be over for the day.


Where else in the Premier League would you see a manager act in such manner, can you imagine anyone else in the Premier League refereeing a game when their team is in dire need of a striker and DM as well as defensive cover. It is a blatant disregard of everything that was promised to fans this summer.

We had a net spend of around £30mil and the only thing we have to shown for it is replacements and 1 squad player that we technically didn’t need. We have money in the bank and viable players to buy so there really is no issue here the money should be spent, not every penny of it but just the right players brought in.

Wenger has irked even his strongest of supporters today and on his head be it, there is no defending another transfer session ending this way when we are playing the way we currently are. Everyone around us has strengthened where needed especially Chelsea who even managed to strengthen and sell enough players to near enough cover their incomings. That’s the difference between winning the title and relying on consistency, we should be wanting to win not consistently finishing 4th.

Without a DM and a forward we will struggle this season and we may not even make our trusted 4th spot come May. We struggle against the big teams and that might be more evident this season given how many signings they have all made.

Wenger should not be in Rome today, that alone sends the message out that he is more interested in being somewhere else other than Arsenal alongside the fact that he has no interest at all in the new signings. I really hope come 11pm tonight we are not as bitterly disappointed as we normally are on Deadline Day otherwise Wenger could alienate the last of his fans.

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