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Arsenal cant even hold a lead and kill a team off

So many times in recent years.

We take the lead, seem to be on our way to winning the game and then screw up.

We cant seem to kill the game off and we allow the other team a route back into the game by us sitting back rather then trying to score the killer goal.

We just cant defend, so why do we sit back? attack is the best form of defence.

But how many times have we been 1 or even 2 goals up and only to draw the game or lose.? I can name loads, Beating Chavski in the semi finals 1-0, Beating Liverpool 4-2 and drawing 4-4, Dito with Spurs, Being 2-0 up vs Brum.This season beating man utd 1-0 and losing 2-1.

And many many more.

It shows complacency and at times we show a lack of fight in the battle, Teams like West Ham, Hull, Stoke cant play better football then us of course but they all show more fight.

But yet Wenger bangs on about the mental strength,spirit and belief. Cant he see that this team has NO Leader and a lack of heart.

After West ham scored to make it 2-1 there was only one team that looked up for the game, We didnt look up for the battle at all.

We need winners in our team like Keown and Adams, With Players like Song, Diaby, Eboue and Mannone in our side we are never going to win anything.

Wenger cant see that we need winners in our team. Maybe not the most gifted players but the type that would take a boot in the head for the team.

We have a team of primadonna’s who think they just have to turn up, put the kit on, and they think they’ve got a divine right to win the game.

When the going gets tough, The tough aint at Arsenal


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