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Arsenal are missing David Dein more then Henry,Bergkamp and Vieira

By Anfield 89

After the return of Sol Campbell  to Arsenal , I was asked on the forum, Which former Gooner would you want back at Arsenal? Flamini? Sidwell, Upson, Bergkamp, Henry, Vieira???

The only person I would bring back to Arsenal is David Dein.

David Dein was a class act and he was the man who forced the rest of the board to gamble of Arsene Wenger who was unknown outside of france and japan.

Remember the headlines “Arsene Who ” on the back pages when Wenger took over at Arsenal?

Dein overlooked the transfers of players and advised Wenger on contracts of players and did all the paperwork and ran the day to day goings on at the club and left Wenger to deal with coaching, For me Dein was the best in the game.

The reason dein walked away from Arsenal was due to the fact he felt the club needed outside investment to be able to compete with the other top clubs,Dein was removed from the Arsenal board for bringing in Stan kroeneke, who has since been courted by the board and greeted with open arms after Peter Hill-Wood first said “We didn’t want his type at Arsenal” I find it very odd that Dein wanted Kroenke in the rest of the board didn’t, and now Kroenke is the biggest shareholder at Arsenal.

The board changed there minds about kroenke only after Usmanov came to the table, So in everything Dein has been proved RIGHT!

Dein felt we needed to find extra spending power to compete with Chelase , Man Utd and now Man City.

It is hard to say he isn’t being proven right.

Just look at what happened since Dein walked, Players leaving on free transfers like Flamini, Missing out on countless transfers, won nothing since 2005. Wenger is now more of a accountant then a football manager.

And what has Ivan Gazidis done? apart from giving the media a few interviews and signing injury prone Rosicky and Eduardo on new contract extensions.

David Dein was Mr Arsenal, And Wenger is missing his right hand man and its showing.

This summer Arsenal FC need to do everything they can to bring Mr Dein back to Arsenal and then we will see the glory days return.

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