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Arsenal and Puma launch new kits


Future, Forever, Victorious

As Arsenal and Puma join together in a business relationship they have revealed the trilogy of new kits with a video and a kit launch at the club. 

The video entailed a water projection over the teams as Giroud, Wilshere Ramsey and Arteta show of each of the 3 kits and also their skills. It was a stylish way to launch stylish kits.

During the short video Arsene talks about the future, forever and victorious aspects of the launch.

Future represents the young players that come to Arsenal, we look for “the best talent and teach them how to play our way”

Forever represents the fans and the loyalty we have given the club. Arsenal fans don’t always feel appreciated so hearing it every now and then is amazing. It is good to know we are valued.

Victorious depicts the image that winning is not enough, Arsenal are going to strive for more.

cazorla, artetaflamini

Each of the new kits are stunning to look at in their own right, Puma and Arsenal have created 3 really nice kits-some might say better than the last few we have had from Nike.

The home shirt is named ‘Forever’ and kept to traditional red and white.

“Representing ‘Forever’, inspired by the strong and loyal fanbase Arsenal has built over the years, the round-neck shirt has a red body and white sleeves and is paired with white shorts and red-and-white hooped socks.”

The away shirt is yellow and blue and represents ‘Victorious’

‘Victorious’ is the theme of the away shirt, designed in the iconic yellow and navy blue colours worn by Arsenal during some of the most famous Gunners’ away victories away, including the 1971 and 1979 FA Cup final wins, and the title-winning victory at Anfield in 1989. The V-neck shirt features a yellow body with blue sleeves, blue shorts and blue-and-yellow hooped socks.

The third kit which is called ‘Future’ is to be used in cup competitions when we play away from home.

The blue and lime green ‘Future’ cup kit symbolises the desire for innovation and progression that has driven the club through its history, and features a button-down collared shirt with blue and sky blue striped panels across the body. The kit also features blue shorts and two-tone blue hooped socks.

I think the general consensus amongst fans is positive as the new kits were unveiled to the World. They are really nice kits and we are looking forward to the future with Arsenal and Puma.

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